A small hill across from San Quentin features views of the the Bay Bridge on one side and the prison on the other.

In Production

A mini documentary on San Quentin's juvenile offenders

On her initial visit to San Quentin while working on From Prison to College, SF State student Avery Peterson discovered that there was an incredible amount of stories packed within the prison's walls. She was surprised by the stark contrast between her expectations and reality. San Quentin shattered the version of prison that had been constructed through images in popular culture and the mainstream media.

In a place filled with criminals and murderers, she thought she would find violence and despair, but instead she found hope.

In an effort to explore what prison truly was, she embarked on a new journey with recent SF State graduate, Lulu Orozco. Extraordinary stories shared by juvenile offenders, led the pair to decide to investigate what it means to grow up within prison. The project evolved over time and two inmate videographers joined the small crew.

Production of the mini documentary has been underway since March, with Orozco and Peterson visiting the prison a few times each week. From filming inside a tiny cell to daily walks across the crowded yard, working from within the prison has been a novel experience.

Orozco and Peterson plan to document their journey so that they can share a behind the scenes view of this unique experience. Check back in here to find out how to follow their progress and where to find the finished project.

From Prison to College